Jan 05

One of the tracks from Rachel Sermanni’s new EP which you can pre-order from here

Jul 14

Discopolis debut single

On 15th August we are releasing a single called ‘Lofty Ambitions’ from one of Scotland’s best new bands, Discopolis.
It comes complete with b-side ‘Bears Kill Kids’ and a free downloadable remix from One Dollar Dave & Megademandeman.
You can listen here

Jul 10

T in the Park

So it is T in the Park this weekend and it is the first time in 7 years I have been in London rather than a field in Balado. I may be ill in bed but I am not too bad because almost all of the stuff I wanted to see is available right on the internet and there is not a welly or tent in sight. So there are a fair amount of Scottish bands playing the festival this weekend and I’m going to pick some of my favourites.

So first off I will start with a great Scottish band called Bwani Junction who I have mentioned many a time, in fact I played them on here

Second is a band who live down South but have roots in Aberdeen it is of course The Xcerts Looking at the set list they must have played a stormer. Do You Feel Safe, Scatterbrain, Distant Memory, Gum, Slackerpop, Crisis In The Slow Lane, Hurt With Me. Anyway go here and watch it.

On Friday The View returned to Balado to take to the Main Stage and pulled a pretty massive crowd. watch here All the classics. They were, however, the only Scottish band to make it on to the main stage this year.

The Radio 1/NME stage did a little better with Scottish acts seeing Kassidy and Twin Atlantic perform on Friday and The Phantom Band playing today. I was also told that Primal Scream were incredible on King Tuts tent last night and that it was packed. Oh and don’t forget KT Tunstall today

KT Tunstall

Anyway back to the BBC Introducing stage as I’m not finished there. Saturday also saw one of my favourite Scottish bands perform and this is a band that I wish I’d been there to see as they are sooooo good live. It is of course Three Blind Wolves and since BBC are allowing me to embed this one here you go

Unfortunately there is one tent that isn’t filmed and it is one of the best. There are some cracking bands playing T Break across the weekend (don’t forget to enter the correct DOB. Some of our own bands including Otherpeople and our next release Discopolis. Because of the lack of tv, I thought I’d post up some songs for you to listen to so you can pretend that you are watching them in a field from the comfort of your computer.

Other great T Break bands that Eli and Oz don’t have anything to do with but we just really like are Crayons and Paws actually now we look at the line-up again it’s too difficult to put everyone we like here so go and listen to them all.

Finally if you have decided to go to T in the Park today, don’t forget to go and see The Phantom Band, Bronto Skylift and Dot JR.

Jun 03

Bear Bones play ‘Give Me My Teeth’

Jun 03

Double whammy, great Scottish band and great Scottish bakery. Found + Fisher and Donaldson. Keep an eye out for the chocolate vinyl.

Jun 01

It’s finally here and it’s wonderful. Midnight Lion’s first single ‘All Greatness Stands Firm’

All Greatness Stands Firm by Midnight Lion

May 16

Miaoux Miaoux

So on Monday 23rd May (i.e. a week today) we are releasing one of our favourite Scottish electro lads. He has been a favourite of ours for quite a while and we are very excited to be releasing him. To celebrate this we are able to giveaway a little mixtape he made for you and also let you hear the single.

Miaoux Miaoux - Hey Sound! by miaouxmiaoux

Free Download here:

Hey Sound! promo mix by miaouxmiaoux

Apr 15

The wonderful boys from Detour took some of our favourite people down to the river and filmed this. The brilliant Kettle of Kites

Mar 23


Mar 09

I just came across the new Admiral Fallow video for Squealing Pigs directed by Gordon Davidson, catches the spirit of the band I say. Cannot wait to see them at SXSW. If you’ve not checked them out already then you need to get up to date.

Mar 05
Feb 09

On 28th February we are going to be releasing ‘Sugar Bowl’ by Open Swimmer.
In celebration of this you should check out a little video of them singing b-side ‘Bending Trees’.

Feb 04

Yesterday BBC Introducing held a workshop at Abbey Road which was attended by lots of brilliant people and I’ve heard was very informative, this was good for me because it meant that there were loads of Scottish people in London and most of them seemed to end up at Dublin Castle watching Bwani Junction. A man I have not seen in quite a while (even though we stay in the same city now) is Kid Adrift and after a few drinks and a bit of chat he told me I had to check out a band called Metamap. So obviously if a a man like Mr Adrift recommends a listen, listen is what I did and he is right, these guys are awesome.

Feb 04

So Wake The President have been back in the studio so in celebration and anticipation of new tracks I thought it was only fair to to give everyone a blast of an old song so here you go.

Feb 04

In March we are going to be releasing (Lumber Jacks Lament) Appreciation from Let’s Talk About Trees. We are very very excited about this.